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Mark O'Shea


First International Guestspeaker is Mark O'Shea


Mark is one of the most renowned and remarkable Herpetologist of our generation, he has written and authored several books, articles and scientific papers alongside tons and tons of research over the years. At Scandinavian Herpetological Symposium 2018 we are lucky to experience Mark doing a presentation called Blood, Sweat and Snakebites - Mark tells the story of how his career came together, including his earliest expeditions, Big Adventure, and his more recent expeditions and research. It runs for an hour because of the depth of work Mark has put into the world of Herpetology over the last 5 decades.



Steve Angeli


Second guest spearker is Steve Angeli from the US


I have been keeping and breeding Beaded Lizards for twenty years.

I got my first animals in the 90’s from my good friend Robert Applegate then expanded my collection close to 100 of these fantastic animals.

My reproduction of Heloderma horridum started in 2000 and have produced over 1000 babies. My passion and love for these animals has made me one of the most recognized breeders in the world. I feel honored and privileged to be asked to speak and share my knowledge and experiences with these amazing animals.




Daniel Bennett


Third guestspeaker is Daniel Bennett from the UK


Daniel Bennett is from Glossop, U.K. He has had an interest in the natural history of monitor lizards since childhood, and has been lucky enough to study the animals in Africa, Asia and Australia. He has a particular interest in Varanus exanthematicus, a highly specialised animal which is the most common monitor lizard species in wildlife trade, but one that very rarely reproduces in captivity, and never with any regularity. In this presentation, he will describe his work with the species, undertaken in cooperation with animal’s collectors in the coastal plain of Ghana, and the challenges of successfully maintaining this species in captivity.



Ari R. Fragle


Fourth International Guest Speaker is Ari R. Flagle from USA.


Ari R Flagle’s fascination, for reptiles and amphibians, during childhood progressively developed into an avocation. Since 1997, appreciation and concern for the species, M boeleni, has led Ari to embrace herpetology as a career. Ari’s research and fieldwork in West Papua New Guinea has led to the publication of the first comprehensive guide on the subject of Morelia boeleni. He is also the author of numerous articles and has given various presentations on the subject concerning captive care and conservation for the species around the world. With the continuation of field research Ari hopes to shed more light on the species natural behavior and unknown activities that could help us reach sustainable captive populations. You will be tantalized with glimpses of the native people, habitat seen during his 10 years spent in the highlands of West Papua New Guinea.

Henrik Herold


Fift guestspeaker is Henrik Herold from Denmark


Henrik Herold is CEO of The Tropical Zoo / Randers Regnskov in Denmark, renowned for their different ways to display animals in their natural habitats roaming freely in their 3 large and natural Domes of Africa, Asia and South America. Over the course of many years and even before he opened the Zoo to the public in 1996 Henrik have been an active Herpetoculturist breeding many advanced species for the first time in captivity, both Danish firsts and Worlds first. Recently Henrik and Randers Regnskov have bought up land in Equador they have turned into Bigai biological reserve, that have one of the largest biodiversity in the world and is home to the infamous Bushmaster and Jaguar. Henrik and his talented team in Randers Regnskov have done incredible job breeding many species in captivity over the years, and in the recent years one of their main Herpetocultural achievements have been reproducing the Bushmaster several times as the second zoo ever to do so.



Simon Bomholt


Sixth guestspeaker is Simon Bomholt from Denmark


I got my first turtles in 1986 and the first frogs in 1992. Since then Ive kept and bred over 40 types of poison dart frogs and other amphibians. Besides my frogs I keep and breed the venomous lizards species of Heloderma. Im an active traveller and love to travel to the tropics to witness the animals in their natural habitat. My speak will be about my travels to Komodo Islands.



Robin Rosenørn


Sixth guestspeaker is Robin Rosenørn Denmark


Robin has a master’s degree in Biology from the University of Copenhagen, where he specialised in herpetological taxonomy, phylogeny and systematics. He has many years’ experience communicating natural science to visitors at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and aiding the managing of their herpetological collection. He spends a great deal of time caring for his geckos, geeking out with fellow enthusiasts and attending reptile fairs. He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in herpetology.

He’ll be introducing us to sea snakes and how specialists deal with speciation and differentiation in taxonomy. Afterward, a few specimens will be available for a ‘show and tell’ session.

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