All rules applied for this symposium have to be held by any participants as we are roaming in Private rooms, lend to us for free so we can keep the ticket prices low.


1: NO LIVE ANIMALS ALLOWED, this is NOT an animal sales/trade Expo, keep your animals at home. If we see any form of trades/deals going on at the symposium it will lead to instant BAN from the rest of the day.


2: NO food or drinks can be brought to the show! There will be Food, coffee and drinks available at the symposium for very fair prices. Please dont bring your own food or drinks, as this will be thrown out at the entrance. Food at the symposium can be bought with cash or using Mobilepay.


3: NO SMOKING INSIDE. Smoking is ONLY allowed in the outdoor areas of the symposium.


4: Any excessive drinking at the symposium leading to threatening or bad behavior will immediately lead to LIFETIME BAN of the symposium.


5: Photos are welcome during the symposium, but any questions you may have to the different speakers during their talks, will have to wait until they are done as our schedule is very tight.


6: We find the right, not to accept a person wanting to join the symposium if we think they are not suitable for this event. If the person have already made the transactions and paid of the event, we find the right to return the money and let the person know.

Main speakers



Address: Copenhagen

Phone: (+45) 26278492




22 september 2018

Gammeltorv, 1457 København



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