Welcome to Scandinavian Herpetological Symposium, the first Herp Symposium, ever to be held in Copenhagen – Denmark.


Reptiles and Amphibians are in general not a common subject in the community of mankind. Luckily the European Herpetological Society is growing every year, spreading information and education the public about these fascinating and important creatures.


With that in mind, the social media have made the close contact to other fellow ”Herpers” less interactive since the beginning of Facebook. Small communities, forums and Herp Societies have slowly died out, and important shared information about critically endangered reptiles/amphibians are now only posted on social media where they often disappear in the masses.


Therefore, we set out on a mission to bring all the Herpetological Interested people in Scandinavia and Europe together once a year, with a whole day in the name of our beloved passion. Our first Symposium Will be held in Copenhagen the 22nd of September 2018, and the line-up of Local and International Guest speakers will make up for a whole day of both Scientific and captive Herpetological speeches! There will also be plenty of time to network with other guests and speakers.



- There is a maximum of 150 tickets sold, so act quickly to get a seat for this fantastic day!


- Food, Drinks and Merchandise will be available at low prices at the Symposium, so sit back and enjoy your lunch while listening to the fantastic speakers!


- NO LIVE ANIMALS are allowed at this Symposium – THIS IS NOT A REPTILE SHOW! If you don’t apply to this rule, you will immediately be kicked out of the symposium.



The Location for the Scandinavian Herpetological Symposium the 22nd September 2018 is: Gammeltorv 18, 1457 København K.


If you are visiting Copenhagen for the day, take the Metro or train to Nørreport station, and follow Nørregade down to Gammeltorv, it is a 5min walk from the transtation.


If you come from another country or other parts from Denmark, and need a one nights stay from the 22nd to the 23rd of september or more days, we can recommend to book a room at Urban House Copenhagen. its a short walk from the Symposium with cheap prices starting at 115kr (20usd) a night.

Main speakers



Address: Copenhagen

Phone: (+45) 26278492

Email: info@scandinavianherpetologicalsymposium.com



22 september 2018

Gammeltorv, 1457 København



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